Photo of Jamie Gahlon
  • Class of 2007

  • Roots of GU experience: Davis Center (On/offstage and Scene Shop), TPST Classes, Mask & Bauble, Nomadic, Children’s Theater
  • What did you study and did you pursue graduate school? I was in the School of Foreign service,majoring in Culture and Politics (CULP) and concentrating on Media Studies. I got my Masters in Performance Curation from Wesleyan University.
  • What Davis Center experience was most transformative? Two things stand out: taking Derek’s Political Theatre class, and seeing Natsu’s shows. My Davis Center experience still affects me with my focus on centering the connection between performance and politics in my work.
  • What are some professional highlights? I co-founded HowlRound Theatre Commons, and the whole journey of HowlRound has been a highlight. Another highlight was performing in Natsu’s show Astro Boy at Studio Theatre and then assisting her when she brought it to Boston with Company One Theatre. Finally, working at Arena Stage, first with Stephen Richard (who taught at GU), then as part of the American Voices New Play Institute.
  • What are the three most important skills or values from your experience at the Davis Center that affect you today? 1. Innovation 2. Collaboration and 3. Storytelling
  • Where in the world has your work taken you? I’m based in Boston, but have traveled extensively through work: Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Canada, Chile.