Photo of Swedian Lie
  • Class of 2013

  • Roots of GU experience: Davis Center (on/offstage & Scene Shop), TPST classes, Mask & Bauble, Nomadic Theatre
  • How have you carried the Davis Center’s ethos of creating new work and collaborations? Since 2016, myself and a few Georgetown alums have been running an online publication called SixByEight Press, which has the goal of telling different stories and perspectives through the lens of performance, although over time we have broadened our scope and definition of what performance is. I’m also working with Caitlin Cassidy (C’11) and Robert Duffley (C’13) on a digital storytelling project that encapsulates and brings to life a lot of what we’ve learned at TPST over our time there — and obviously, our Georgetown connection is what brought us together for the project! The project focuses on addressing the ongoing climate crisis in a performative and interactive way across digital and physical platforms, and I think it captures this sense of cross-cultural global engagement you’re talking about, as the project itself is international in nature and strives to capture a truly global sentiment and reaction to what’s happening in the world around us. The amazing TPST values we grew up with continue in both our individual as well as collective lives, and I’ll be forever grateful for all that I’ve learned during my time 🙂
  • What are other activities that you care about? I’m advising a public policy think tank in Indonesia geared towards empowering the youth to participate in public policy and politics, and I used to have a podcast about Indonesian politics and feminism for 4 years. In general, I also care a lot about politics and cultural issues and figuring out ways to tell more complicated and diverse stories in both creative and commercial ways.
  • What’s the Davis Center’s lasting impact on your current values and work? I almost always reflect back on how I was mentored and taught to broaden my horizons in managing my team members. I try to use the same life lessons I learned during my time at Georgetown in all that I do in my work, both in growing soft skills as well as hard creative brainstorming and problem solving skills