Photo of Jordanna Hernandez
  • Class of 2012

  • Roots of GU experience: Davis Center (On/offstage), TPST Classes, Black Theater Ensemble, Mask & Bauble, Improv
  • What are some professional highlights? TPST gave me the opportunity to build relationships with some of most amazing contributors to DC’s Theatre community. To this day, my professors and peers have been resources for my own professional development. I often reflect back on my experiences in each class, flashes of memories—a quote a teacher said, or a project I did—will resurface and I’ll think of how I felt doing the work and what I can draw from it now.
  • What’s the Davis Center’s lasting impact on your current values and work? It instilled the value of Theatre being a tool for community building and social change. That’s incredibly powerful, especially in the pandemic. When times are difficult, we can turn to art. It was also a holistic experience. Having experienced most aspects of production, I gained deep insight and understanding of the process, which in return makes me a better actor, communicator and  collaborator.

"My college experience was challenging, academically and especially personally…but I did learn to make art of it and that was how I processed and coped. And I’m grateful for the TPST program that created structures where I could safely explore myself holistically, and being able to say that I took acting, directing, set design, and playwriting classes all in one place is phenomenal."

Jordanna Hernandez