Photo of Light McAuliffe
  • Class of 2010

  • Roots of GU experience: Davis Center (on/offstage), TPST Classes
  • What experience in the Davis Center was most transformative for you? Working with Natsu Onoda Power.
  • What are some professional highlights?  1. Working with Leimay, an NYC based dance company. 2. Creating a solo performance and showing it at venues around NYC. 3. Becoming a barber, learning a new skill that allows me to earn a living while working with my senses and connecting with people.
  • What are your most important skills you learned in the Davis Center? Collaboration. In my performance work at Davis I began to learn how to co-create works with peers, and I went on to continue to practice collaborative performance-making.

My time in the Davis Center helped me to cultivate curiosity, play, communication skills, vulnerability, to name a few skills that are central to my work and day to day life.

Light McAuliffe