Photo of K. Bellamy Mitchell
  • Class of 2015

  • Roots of GU experience: Davis Center (on/offstage), TPST Classes and Mask & Bauble
  • What did you study? Double Major in Philosophy and English
  • What are the most important skills or values from your experience at the Davis Center? My experiences with courses, performances, and devised theatre with the Lab for Global Performance and Politics are crucial to the way I approach my work and research now: the experience of interviewing, storytelling, and taking people seriously by attending to their words and explanations of their worlds was started in Davis with the faculty and my friends.
  • How have you carried the Davis Center’s ethos of creating new work and collaborations? I co-founded the working group “Contemporary Migrations: Poetics, Theory, Practice” at the University of Chicago, which focuses on programming related to literature of and by people moving or being moved. I’m developing a podcast on “Ways of Seeing” that attempts to stage conversations around single, contestable objects. I’m also currently working on a dissertation chapter/journal article examining various approaches and responses (performative, artistic, legal) to land acknowledgments in the US and Canada, and repatriation of indigenous cultural objects to indigenous communities along with a podcast