Photo of Miranda Rose Hall
  • Class of 2011

  • Roots of GU experience: Davis Center (on/offstage), TPST Classes, Black Theater Ensemble, Mask & Bauble, and Nomadic Theatre
  • What’s the Davis Center’s lasting impact on your current values and work? The Davis Center was a very Yes / And place. The love and support and enthusiasm of my teachers helped me believe I could try anything. Emphasizing experimentation. Emphasizing compassion. Looking out to the world beyond the rehearsal room. The value of self-reflection is central to my work, as is an intentional practice of discernment. That feels very Jesuit to me. 
  • What did you study and did you pursue graduate school? I was a double-major in Theater & English with a minor in French. I earned my MFA from Yale.
  • How have you carried the Davis Center’s ethos of creating new work and collaborations? I’m very proud of the way that we have designed our company, LubDub Theater, to suit our unique artistic dispositions and to generate the kinds of theatrical experiences we desire in our lives and in the world. In my personal work, I feel that I have to invent what it means to write a play every time I sit down to write one! Generating work that means something to you takes a lot of courage, kindness, and spiritual fortitude. I’m very grateful to have studied in a place that honored those principles of practice and craft.
  • What are other activities that you care about? I’m a part of a political action group run by theater artists in Brooklyn, and that is very special to me. I also care about mentoring younger artists. The circle rises together!