Photo of Beni
  • Class of 2012

  • Roots of GU experience:Davis Center (on/offstage), TPST Classes and Mask & Bauble, Culture and Performance Living & Learning Community
  • What Davis Center experience was most transformative? Playwriting with Karen Zacarias with guest artist Heather Raffo. 
  • How do you describe your career? I am a nurse and a playwright. I also use theater as a therapeutic tool in my work as a psychiatric nurse. I also have developed mental health groups centered around songwriting and self-expression through performance.
  • Highlights & reflections: I was awarded a Daisy Award for my skill as a psychiatric nurse which was partly due to my unique approach using my theater background. Working in the Davis Center with such disparate and passionate opinions allowed me to truly define what kind of creative force I wanted to be in the world.

“I hope as I continue to share my art that I foster a true sense of overlapping, interacting, and intersectional identities that coexist in pride but also in peace.”

Beni El-Dalati