Cross-cultural is foundational

For majors and minors in Theater & Performance Studies, our required courses embrace a global, pluralist viewpoint: Cross-Cultural Performance Studies, Improvisation for Social Change, and World Theater History.

Group of students in black operating a large spider puppet in the streets
Students process to the Davis Center with a spider puppet as part of Anansi the Story King, adapted and directed by Prof. Nadine George-Graves as part of the 2007-2008 season, Hidden Histories: Festival of New and Unseen Works. (Photo: Georgetown University)
Alumni standing in front of a Chinese sign for the Beijing Opera Hamlet by the Shanghai Beijing Opera Company
Addison Williams (C’14), Olivia Duff (C’16), and Alexandra Templer (C’15) at Shanghai Theater Academy where students from TPST’s production of Hamlet, accompanied director Prof. Derek Goldman to a global conference and festival to present their work and to collaborate with global artists, including performers from a Beijing Opera version of Hamlet. (Photo: Georgetown University)
Students standing in the seats of a theatre with a United States and Czech Republic flag hanging from the ceiling
In the summer of 2019, Georgetown students from TPST and beyond traveled with Prof. Natsu Onoda Power to Svanda Teatr, located in Prague, Czech Republic, to co-devise a play with Czech theatre students and attend the Prague Quadrennial International Design Expo. Svanda Teatr and their director Daniel Hrbek are long-standing collaborators with the Davis Center. (Photo: Natsu Onoda Power)
Screenshot of a video with a student captioned "Hi! I am Rio Inyaku. Nice to meet you!"
Okinawan artist Rio welcomes travelers as part of Okinawa Field Trip, a hybrid virtual/live event created by Prof. Natsu Onoda Power, Georgetown students and alumni, artists and activists in Okinawa, as well as DC designers as part of the Davis Center’s 15th Anniversary season, Seeds of Change: Reimagining the World season, programmed by Artistic Director Prof. Maya E. Roth. (Photo: Georgetown University)

Creating for all

Our annual seasons frequently feature plays and festivals that encourage students and audience members to look beyond our own borders. Our first season opened with a post-colonial classic set in Australia’s first penal colony, founded in the same year as Georgetown: Our Country’s Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker. An acclaimed British-Basque-American playwright, Wertenbaker served as artist-in-residence for the year, teaching, making and curating theater with us.

Two actresses in old-fashioned clothing reading a book
Ali Zatta (C’06)  and Jen Rogers (C’06) perform in founding Artistic Director Prof. Maya Roth’s inaugural production of Our Country’s Good, Wertenbaker’s cross-cultural ensemble play about exile, class and theater as a social laboratory in the 2005-2006 Season of Transformation. (Photo: Georgetown University)
Man in a security guard costume standing over another man
Isáyah Phillips (SFS’15) stands over Joshua Street (C’15) while Ben Prout (C’15) and Sarah Frasco (C’15) look on in Prof. Christine Evans’ play, Slow Falling Bird in the TPST 2014-2015 season, Where We’re From: A Season of Origins and Migrations.  Australian guest director Rosalba Clemente led the cast to the realization of the magical realism tale of the Woomara Detention Centre and Australian guards who monitored them. (Photo: Georgetown University)
Actor reading a book on stage, looking emotional
Emma Clark (SFS’13) performs with Swedian Lie (C’13) in his thesis production Chiaroscuro. (Photo: Georgetown University)

A Lab that embraces the world

The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics, launched in 2012 by co-Founding Directors Prof. Derek Goldman and Prof. Cynthia Schneider, furthers the global lens of our seasons. With a focus on humanizing politics and international relations through performance, “The Lab” is a unique partnership between Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service and the Department of Performing Arts.

Line of actors in white shirts performing on stage
Benjamin Lillian (C’18), Velani Dibba (SFS’17), Aly Panjwani (SFS’19), Devika Ranjan (SFS’17) and Cristina Ibarra (C’17) perform I Pledge Allegiance co-created by Prof. Derek Goldman and the ensemble, shown here at the International Theatre Institute World Congress Student Festival in Segovia Spain. (Photo: Georgetown University)
Photo grid of diverse artists
Since initiating the Global Lab Fellows program in 2017, the Lab has welcomed 3 cohorts of 10 artists each from countries on 5 continents and has launched a Student Lab Fellowship program for close to 50 undergraduates. (Photo: Georgetown University)

Alumni everywhere

Davis Center Alumni go global to say the least. Of those survey respondants, alumni live in 35 states, and 33 countries around the world.

You’ll see us around

Our Alumni’s work travels even farther – 77 total countries. Embracing dozens of cultures, our graduates do everything from stage international festivals to lead public health initiatives. On top of that, many of our alumni have had their scripts produced, curriculums adopted, or initiatives implemented from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

“[Seeing Black Watch from the National Theatre of Scotland] crystallized for me that it was possible to learn and work at the intersection of performance and politics, a unique opportunity that Georgetown could offer me. I declared Culture and Politics as my major the following semester, concentrating on theatre and conflict studies. This was something I never could have imagined when I applied to the school, and all these years later I’m a professional devised theatre maker working in the UK”

Emma Clark (SFS’13)

Alumni Spotlight:

See individual stories from alumni that embody our cross-cultural and Global value.

Photo of Caitlyn Cassidy
Cross-Cultural & Global

Caitlin Cassidy

Theatremaker, Actor, Artistic Producer

Photo of Swedian Lie
Cross-Cultural & Global

Swedian Lie

Designer, Marketer, Artist

Photo of Devika Ranjan
Cross-Cultural & Global

Devika Ranjan

Director, Ethnographer & Educator