A creative home

Since its opening, the Davis Center has created space for immersive collaboration — a creative home for diverse lives and a place where faculty, students and guest artists constantly work side-by-side at Georgetown. We center research, community, and experimentation. Our intimate classes, socially-engaged curriculum, and welcoming spirit create a uniquely close-knit community on campus where everyone brings their “whole selves”.

11:1 Average class size

300+ Average hours spent by each core artistic/stage management member per production

300+ Average hours spent by Student tech directors per production

Professor and actresses crouching with arms outstretched
Prof. Derek Goldman leads Velani Dibba (SFS’17) and Cristina Ibarra (C’17) among others in a workshop as part of the inaugural ITI World Congress Student Festival in Segovia, Spain, curated by Goldman. Photo credit: Georgetown University
Two separate room sets on a stage
In addition to its two theatre spaces, Davis Center Costume and Scenic shops are labs for hands-on learning. Here, students work in the Gonda building the set for In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Prof. Derek Goldman featured in the 2016-2017 Discover and Celebrate season. Photo credit: Georgetown University

Art for the Whole Person

The Davis Center’s educational approach mirrors the Jesuit value, “Cura Personalis,” or “Care for the Whole Person.” The curriculum requires both students’ minds and bodies – of all types – to engage with the subject matter.

Headshot of Natsu Onoda Power

Natsu Onoda Power

Maya E. Roth

Headshot of Susan Lynskey

Susan Lynskey

Christine Evans

TPST professors Natsu Onoda Power, Susan Lynskey, Maya E. Roth, and Christine Evans received Engelhard Fellowships. Engelhard Fellows recognize faculty whose courses integrate academic experience with life experience, especially for wellness and mental health.

(L-R) Neil Sprouse (Gallaudet), Marissa Pascual (Gallaudet), Chase Meacham (C’14), and actress/activist Suzanne Richard in a scene from Visible Impact, a devised work conceived and directed by Susan M. Lynskey about difference and ability – which brought professional actors together with students from Georgetown and Gallaudet University and supported by a Reflective Engagement Grant in the 2011-2012 season Nature’s Mirror; A Season of Evil and Noble Acts. Photo credit: Georgetown University
Cristina M. Ibarra (C’17) celebrates with Prof. Natsu Onoda Power and Prof. Soyica Colbert, then Artistic Director and DPA Chair, after hearing the reading of Ibarra’s original play Landas at the Kennedy Center’s Page to Stage Festival, directed by Prof. Maya E. Roth, growing from Ibarra’s thesis project, inspired by Filipino family memoir and diaspora. Photo credit: Georgetown University

A space for creative risk-taking

Our survey found over 100 mentions about the specific impact of relationships and support of professors.

“Honestly, it’s the genuine sense of safe space during the classes that allowed me to explore all the complicated and difficult parts of myself and how I express my identity through performance—that sense of being able to fully try something out even if there’s great risk involved is something that I miss and yearn for, and strive to create in my own life and with my own communities nowadays.”

Swedian Lie (C’13)

A home for all

The Davis Center creates a welcoming home for  historically excluded student populations, including students of color, the full gender and sexual orientation spectrum,  and varying levels of physical ability. Our alumni point to the importance of this space in their experiences.

Volunteering their whole self

In our survey, alumni share how they balance their responsibilities and engage the world with their “whole self.” Regarding additional volunteering, interests or passions, alumni identify over 50 issues that receive our community’s time and support.

1 supports AIDS clinic 1 supports Agriculture policy 2 support American Red Cross 6 support Animal Rights / Fostering etc 1 supports Anticapitalist 5 support Arts policy / support / activism 1 supports Big Brother, Big Sister 1 supports Catholic Church 1 supports Children’s theater 1 supports Church volunteer 4 support Climate / Sustainability Advocacy 2 support Community Gardening 5 support Community theater support / volunteer 2 support Corporate DEI 2 support Decriminalization 1 supports Foster Care 4 support GU Alumni 2 support Georgetown Scholar Program 3 support Georgetown Theater Alliance 5 support Healthcare 2 support Homelessness 1 supports Housing policy 1 supports Immigration policy 2 support Independent publishing 1 supports Indonesian politics 2 support LGBTQ inclusion & equity 4 support Labor rights and policy 1 supports Latinx advocacy 1 supports Make a Wish Foundation 3 support Marginalized children 2 support Mental health support 2 support Mutual Aid 5 support Non-profit board 1 supports Planned Parenthood 1 supports Police Chaplaincy 2 support Poll Workers 3 support Pro-bono legal work 7 support Racial Inclusion & Equity 1 supports Reading Service (visually impaired support) 2 support STEM education 1 supports School Board 1 supports Teach For America 1 supports The Prison Yoga Project 2 support Volunteer Translator 3 support Voting Rights 8 support Women’s Rights 6 support Young Artist Mentorship 1 supports Youth Mental Health 1 supports Youth Tutoring 2 support education equity

“[the Davis Center’s impact on me] is everything. Without being prescriptive, it grounds my work in the political, which gives me direction.  It was also an unbelievably nurturing and personal environment.”

Madeleine Kelley (C’16)
 Warmup for the company of the developmental workshop of LubDub Theatre’s On the Lawn in the Davis Center’s 2019-2020 Dreams of Crossing: Climates, Borders, Acts season. The student actors represented the College, the NHS, the MSB, the SFS, as well as Georgetown’s graduate program. Photo credit: Georgetown University

Alumni Spotlights:

See individual stories from alumni that embody our “Whole Person” approach to education and life.

Photo of Jeremy Guyton
Whole Person Engagement

Jeremy Guyton

Filmmaker, Dancer/Choreographer & Ar